Professional Displays

Commercial panels are designed and manufactured to withstand longer operating hours. If you need a panel for a16/7 or  24/7 information board, an interactive shop window, or to operate in portrait format as well as landscape, you will need a commercial grade screen.

Commercial panels have advanced technology than consumer TVs, like direct backlight where consumer LCD TVs usually are edge lit. Commercial panels hold a higher Brightness level and contrast ratios which is essential for a commercial environment as the ambient lighting will be higher and sometimes partial impact of day light will also affect display.

Proffessional Display

Commercial Grade is definitely best choice for long-lasting, innovative presentations which have maximum impact. If a consumer panel such as LED TV is wrongfully used in a commercial purpose and is over used, it is unlikely that your warranty will cover the repair. And you may not get the expected lifespan out of the product that you assumed. For every application there is a panel to suit its needs and vice versa. Consider what your main uses are, what kind of inputs you need, how many hours a day it will be used and what kind of look you’re after. There is a panel out there designed just for you! Why D-Vision ? D-vision is an integrator for commercial / professional displays and a Digital Signage Solution provider. Incorporating D-Visions expertise in Digital Signage Solutions and Professional / Commercial displays, we can turn your commercial screen into a perfect digital signage. Whether it's a single Display or a Network of Digital Signage or a Video wall, D-vision has the right solution for you. A commercial display is not a TV, and you decide what content to be displayed on your display. Content is the king and it determines how it can influence a customer or viewer through your display. Though all commercial display manufacturers offer 3 year warranty and support for the product it's just for the product, D-Vision can offer you value added services such as: Digital Signage Media Players with Digital Signage Server and Client Software: Micro Sized Digital Signage Media Players based on Windows or Android Operating System with built-in internal storage to store contents and display them according to the schedule assigned from server. D-Vision can provide various models including next generation  Intel i3 or i5 or Quadcore Android based media players of small foot print and high performance which can be installed behind the display screen. Support for content management: In addition to a perfect installation and commissioning, content and managing contents displayed in the Commercial Display or Digital Signage and related displays makes it a success. Being a digital signage solution provider & Professional Display Integrator,  D-Vision is able to support any type of display integration with content management. We can provide digital signage with Queue Management solution which will display contents and QMS tokens at same displays with effective management of QMS and Patient waiting Custom Installations: Most Video wall and Digital Signage deployment requires customized installation other than a wall hanging TV. With in-house CNC routing and fabrication facilities, D-Vision can support any type of custom installations with precisely pre-fabricated structures and mounts.