Information Kiosks

Information Kiosks installed at waiting areas of Information centres, Hotel lobbies, Menu Kiosk System at restaurants, Passenger’s waiting areas at air ports, Railway Stations, Bus terminals, Out patient department’s at Hospitals, Libraries inside Education Campuses, Museums etc. have a significant role in providing useful information to a targeted visitors. These kiosks has a two point advantage, visitor can turn the waiting time useful and an extended level promotion of specific brand or services.

Infotain Kiosks are the most suitable form of technology advancements, which opens a medium with endless possibilities to all interactive touch screen kiosk applications. Infotain kiosks are based on Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk and Digital Signage Technology, ensuring up-to-date multi-media rich information and content delivery to the users. With interactive touch screen technology, users can navigate to various multimedia contents providing information and entertainment. In kiosk mode, the device can be set only for a specific brand and related contents.

  • Interactive Optical Touch Screen Kiosk System of screen size 32 inch (Diagonal).
  • Powder coated Mild Steel Kiosk Enclosure with floor stand.
  • Operating System Options: Windows Embedded Standard 7 OR Android 4.0.1
  • On-site installation and support.