D-Poster Digital Signage

Digital signage is a common term to represent a wide variety of electronic displays displaying digital contents as a replacement to static printed materials like any information notice board or a menu list of a restaurant or a poster listing about movies showing at cinemas or a billboard etc. or any sign with a purpose to communicate, to convey information such that the receiver may make cognitive decisions based on the information provided.

Digital Signage

PC based Digital Signage

The D.Poster - DP-DID-W series are “High performance” grade All in-One-digital signage" with Dual core Intel® DN2800MT  CPU. With proven performance of Intel® GMA 3650  graphics engine, DP-DID-FHD series enables you to play High definition videos, High-Res images, Flash presentations, Web pages, Streaming videos and many more. It can completely manage from a remote computer or a laptop over a network or internet, and all functionality can be automated from a single location with few mouse clicks. Deploy any number of screens at different locale, and manage every screen from a single location. Each screen can have different contents, time schedules etc.

Android Based Digital Signage

The D.Poster - DP-DID-AN series "complete digital signage" loaded with features, which can be manage from a remote computer or a laptop over a local area network, wifi or internet. Deploy any number of screens at different locale, and manage every screen from a single location. Each screen

can have different contents, time schedules etc. With Android 4.1 platform on high performance rich hardware, "AN" series D.Posters deliver FULL HD video playback at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Digital Scroller

The D.Poster - DP-SCR series is a standalone digital signage with FULL HD playback support. It meets basic digital signage solutions for various applications. DP-SCR series is a digital alternative to traditional scrolling signages which are expensive and lots of limitations like recurring cost of trans-lit print replacements. It’s an ideal replacement for static display signs notice boards. DP-SCR series enables you to play video files, high resolution images and music in landscape orientation. In portrait mode DP-SCR series captures attention with high resolution image slide shows with built-in animated image transition effects. It is completely managed individually and can be automated for pre-scheduled content playback and on off timings. All contents to be displayed can be transferred to the built-in storage of the device via USB pen drive